Visual Workshop

Right before the IMC, a Visual Workshop will be organized at the conference venue. The Workshop will focus on a hands-on session where experts share their experience in a global analysis of the visual observations of the Perseids 2016, using the Visual Meteor Database and the MetFns analysis software. With this software having been updated recently, we feel the timing for such a workshop is just right. We hope it will contribute to helping meteor workers to get the most out of the IMO’s visual (and other) meteor data, e.g., by performing global analysis of meteor showers themselves.

Practical information and program

The Visual Workshop will start at 14:00 on Wednesday, August 29th, and end at 18:00 on Thursday, August 30th. A detailed program of the Visual Workshop can be found here. People interested in data analysis of visual or other meteor observations are encouraged to participate.

All participants are encouraged to bring their laptop, so they can perform hands-on shower analysis during the workshop.


Participation in the Visual Workshop is free. The extra night of August 29-30 and the extra meals (lunch and dinner on August 29th and lunch on August 30th) should be arranged with the hotel by the participants themselves, just like any other additional nights or meals you may wish. If you mention “IMC2018” while booking, a double room for one night costs 50€ plus 0.33€ tax (including breakfast), and a meal costs 8.50€. These prices are not guaranteed if you use third parties such as to book the hotel. If you would like to share a doubled room during the workshop, please mail this request to before booking the room. The LOC can then assist you with finding a roommate with whom you can share the room cost.


If you want to participate, please answer "Yes" to “Do you wish to participate to the VISUAL WORKSHOP on August 29th-30th?” on the IMC registration form.

People who have already registered for the IMC before this option was available may contact the LOC.