Travel Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE August 29 and September 1 are national holidays in Slovakia, with limited services available (closed stores, etc.)

Please find below basic travel information. More detailed information will be available in due time. Also, the LOC will provide assistance with traveling to Pezinok in every way once the registration is closed.

How to get to Bratislava

Bratislava, the country capital, is served by its own Bratislava international airport (BTS) with regular flights to 22 destinations mainly in Europe. Vienna (VIE) or Budapest Ferihegy (BUD) international airports could be used alternatively. If you want to rent a car, you can do that for a reasonable price at the airport.

At the Bratislava airport, you can take public transportation bus No. 61 (or N61 at night) or a taxi to reach the main bus or train station. You can find a comprehensive map of the Bratislava public transportation here (PDF).

TAXI in Bratislava - it might be helpful to use taxi for some participants (to get to train station, from the airport etc.). There are lot of possibilities, but we recommend:

  • GreenTaxi (+421 905 660 660, +421 2 16660). This company offers a ride directly from Bratislava to Pezinok for 15€ (slightly more expensive from the airport).
  • EasyTaxi (+421 918 555 555)

Both companies offer quite reasonable prices (5€/ride in Bratislava, 8€ from the airport to the city)

Some drivers don't accept credit cards!

From Vienna

From Vienna, there are several possibilities to use low-cost shuttle busses operating on the daily basis between Vienna and Bratislava. The providers include: SlovakLines, RegioJet, FlixBus, Blaguss. You can also take the train from Vienna Hauptbahnhof to Bratislava Hlavná stanica or main railway station (approx. 1-hour journey).

From Budapest

From Budapest, the best option is to take the international InterCity/EuroCity train from Keleti station to Bratislava main railway station (approx. 2-hour journey, runs every day).

How to get from Bratislava to Pezinok

Once you get to Bratislava (see section above), there are regular train and bus connections between Bratislava and Pezinok. You can use:

TRAIN – departs from Bratislava main railway station (Bratislava hlavná stanica, usually abbreviated as Bratislava towards Pezinok approx. every 30 minutes.  It takes no more than 20 minutes to get to Pezinok. We recommend to take the train since the bus station is under reconstruction (see below)

From Bratislava (hlavna stanica or main station) to Pezinok (valid for August 29 and 30 only):

Departure: 06:09 Arrival: 06:31
Departure: 06:33Arrival: 06:48Express
Departure: 07:09Arrival: 07:31
Departure: 08:09Arrival: 08:31 Only on August 30
Departure: 09:09Arrival: 09:31
Departure: 10:09Arrival: 10:31 Only on August 30
Departure: 10:33Arrival: 10:48 Express
Departure: 11:09Arrival: 11:31
Departure: 12:09Arrival: 12:31 Only on August 30
Departure: 13:09Arrival: 13:31
Departure: 13:33Arrival: 13:48 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 14:09Arrival: 14:31 Only on August 30
Departure: 14:33Arrival: 14:48 Express
Departure: 14:52Arrival: 15:08 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 15:09Arrival: 15:31
Departure: 15:33Arrival: 15:48 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 15:52Arrival: 16:08 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 16:09Arrival: 16:31
Departure: 16:33Arrival: 16:48 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 16:52Arrival: 17:08 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 17:09Arrival: 17:31
Departure: 17:32Arrival: 17:47 Express, only on August 30
Departure: 18:09Arrival: 18:31
Departure: 18:33Arrival: 18:48 Express
Departure: 19:09Arrival: 19:31
Departure: 20:09Arrival: 20:31
Departure: 21:09Arrival: 21:31
Departure: 22:09Arrival: 22:31 Only on August 30
Departure: 23:09Arrival: 23:31

BUS – regional buses usually depart from the main bus station (Autobusová stanica – Mlynské Nivy). The station is currently under major reconstruction, so the substitute bus station Nivy at Bottova street has been built to serve as a full replacement for the former bus station Nivy.

From Bratislava, AS (bus station) to Pezinok, nam. (main square): every 30 minutes from 06:00 till 23:00

In Pezinok

The Hotel Rozalka is working with 2 taxi companies and can arrange a ride for you at the lobby:

  • Taxi VIP 19 (+421 910 19 19 19)
  • Taxi Machacek (+421 905 45 45 45)

The price for a ride is about 4€/5€ inside the city of Pezinok.

You can also rent a bicycle at the hotel.

If you travel by car

Use the following map:

If none of the above mentioned travel options suits you - please, contact the LOC!